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   I am a discreet and experienced DJ. With an accent on playing the 'right' music rather than talking, I will make sure everyone has a good evening and a great dance. As I'm not a DJ "who likes the sound of his own voice", you will only hear essential announcements from me.


   In consultation with you, the client, we can make sure the music I play is what you want, not something that just the dj wants.

If you wish, I am happy to meet you to discuss your requirements and incorporate your playlist .


   I believe it is very important to pace the evening, with music kept in the background early on, gradually building till later  when people are ready to party.


   All events can be catered for, including 40/50/60th birthdays, anniversarys, house parties, and of course, weddings and corporate events.


  We have a small amount of staging. It comes in 2M x 1M panels at a height of 400 mm (just over 1 ft high). We have 4 panels which is a 4M x 2M stage. This is a large  enough area for 2 x 6 ft tables set end to end, with chairs. This is also large enough for a 4 pce band.


   All our lights are designed to be used without the need of an operator. For instance,  T bars with  parcans on each. Ideal band lighting.

LED wash lights with colour-changes. Great for smaller stages or for use as upligters.

Various disco lights.


   We can supply a smart compact DJ PA System. Small enough for a house party, powerful enough for over 150 people in a function room. This comes as a package with basic disco lights.

Also available: Technics Turntables, DJ All-In-One Twin CD player/mixer. Can also source CDJs.



   ​8M x 6M mini marquee. Will hold 70 or 80 dancing persons, with room for a trestle table for drinks and nibbles, and a couple of occasional tables. With the sound system in the corners and the lights flown from the cross members, an easy and great way for a special garden party! We set-up and break-down and can of course supply the sound, lights, and the DJ. ( "Soft- floor"​ only ).

     Also, 6m x 3m pop-up gazebo, and a 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo.



We are a JHS Trading Partner. We can assist you with some great prices on the HK range of PA Equipment, some of which we are using on a regular basis. 

     (You may buy online at fairly similar prices, but you won't get any backup and support if things should go wrong.)



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